Saturday, June 8, 2013

48 Hours Down...

Well, I've survived 48 hours of quarantine.  I have to be honest, today hasn't been too bad.  One perk of quarantine is that I get to sleep in!  Since I am not allowed to handle food for other people, I didn't get the usual Saturday morning wake up call of "Mom, I'm hungry! Can you make cinnamon rolls or blueberry muffins?"  So, when I finally woke up, it was 9:45. I was shocked I had slept so late!  I've been feeling extremely tired the past 2 days but still can't believe I was able to sleep 11 hours last night. See, a perk of quarantine!

When I looked outside I saw just how beautiful of a day it was going to be.  Finally, a nice day and I'm stuck inside...or am I?  I realized, as long as I stay 6 feet away from others, I CAN be outside. Ah ha!  I was determined to get out and move around.  I sat so much yesterday that my butt started to hurt.  Hmm, should I take a walk or go for a bike ride?  Neither of those activities would put me in close contact with other people.  I actually got excited to spend the day doing whatever I wanted!  As a mom, its rare that I get the chance to take an entire day for myself, albeit alone. As I prepared my breakfast I looked out the window and realized that our landscaping was in desperate need of a trimming.  Some of our shrubs were so big they were covering the windows in the front of the house.  Others were growing into each other.  It just looks bad!  So, I quickly realized my mission for the day was going to be to cut back the landscaping.  It just couldn't be put off any longer.  See that's the thing about women, we ALWAYS put what needs to be done before pampering ourselves.  Even when we happen to be radioactive.  Since I know you are singing the song, I linked the video again. You're welcome.

It wasn't a bike ride or walk, but I still got to spend the day outside.  The shrubs look much more manicured now.  About 1/2 way through my trimming project I started to wonder if my radiation could harm the landscaping?  I sure hope not, because I really like how nice it looks!  
I can see St. Francis again!

After my afternoon working in the yard, I felt like I needed a nap.  How could I possibly be tired after sleeping 11 hours?!?!  Just another perk of thyroid disease I suppose. Now that I'm back inside, I'm back in the quarantine room which makes me a little depressed.  My family is at Mass and I'm stuck at home alone. Ok, its not that bad but I do like to worship as a family.  Then I remembered, I received a letter from my dear friend Kate today.  I thought she was just sending me a check for the Justin Timberlake concert, but what I opened put the biggest smile on my face...

Thank You KB!  I hope Justin can handle us!
We are only 14 rows from the stage....

That short little note reminded me that God works in mysterious ways and He is always with me.  Kate will never know how much that note touched me.  She could have just stuck a check in an envelope, but nope, she took the time to find a picture of my boyfriend, print it and mail it.  It also made me realize that I am truly blessed with the most amazing friends.  I've always felt that God speaks to me through others, and He certainly was in this note.  He is saying to me..."You can handle 3 days in quarantine because you are going to need a lot of energy for that concert on November 19th!"   While 72 hours of quarantine might not be my first choice of how to spend the weekend, it is His plan to bring me health.  So here's to 24 more hours of isolation but to a lifetime of healthy living...Cheers!!!

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