Friday, June 17, 2011

Our Summer So Far...

School was officially out for the boys on May 27th.  Thank God!  I was ready for a break from the routine, alarm clock and homework.  We kicked off the summer with a get together at our house with some of our great friends:  Candace- mom to Connor and Nathan; Colleen- mom to Aiden, Colin and Caroline, Jenny - mom to Jessica, Ryan and Andrew and lastly Elizabeth- mom to Drew and Ben.  The kids had a blast eating pizza and playing outside all afternoon.  The weather was perfect!  While the kiddos were playing, the mommies indulged in a couple of yummy beverages!  Don't worry though, we just "sampled" as we had to make sure we didn't get tipsy.  We were responsible for our children, after all!  I wish I would have gotten pictures of the day, it really was wonderful and the kids had a wonderful time.

A few days later, we headed down to Dallas, TX for Kari and Julian's wedding.  Kari, who is technically a cousin of ours, is often referred to as "Aunt Kari" by the boys.  I think this is because they have a hard time understanding that they have so many cousins on the Feldt side of the family.  First cousins, second cousins, etc... It is confusing.  On the Mounts side, their aunts Anna and Ashley are only a few years older than them, so it REALLY starts to throw them off, ha ha!  Kari and Julian had a really lovely wedding and I am so happy we were able to share their special day with them!  Some of our other Texas adventures included spending time with my sister-in-law and her beautiful family, swimming at Aunt Debby and Uncle Rich's (who were the proud parents of the bride and the most AMAZING hosts).  We ended the weekend with a surprise baby shower for Nikki (or Aunt Nikki).  Baby Issac is due in late August.  We can't wait to meet him!  Here a couple more pictures from the trip:

My Niece Lexie before her t-ball game

Surprise Nicole!  We gotcha!

We returned from Dallas and the boys both had a nasty case of swimmer's ear.  Joey's was by far the worse. So no pool for us for a week!  Of course that week was the hottest so far.  It was pretty miserable.  I felt so bad for both of them.  Joey was in far greater pain than Andrew.  This swimmer's ear is going to come back to get me...but more on that later.

On June 8th, I hosted book club.  We read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  SO good.  I of course had to create a theme and served theme food for the night!  So much fun and it helped break up our week of "no swimming" due to swimmer's ear.

I was going crazy being stuck at home by the end of the week, though.  By Friday, June 10th, Andrew was all back to normal and Joey was on the mend, too.  So, I decided to get them out to attempt to have some fun.  I just couldn't take another day inside!  Although a bit warm, we went strawberry picking (a first for us), to the library and then finished our morning out by getting 25 cent slushies at "On the Run."  If the Cardinals score 6 runs, all 20 oz. drinks are only 25 cents!  I gotta say, the smiles I got from the boys made that the best 50 cents I've spent in a LONG time!  As Andrew told me "Mom, this is what summer is all about!"  God, I love that kid!  Here are a few pics of our day:

12 pounds of Strawberries!

We've also had a handful of baseball games so far this summer.  Andrew even got the "game ball" last week!  Coach Chris (who is also Dad, ha ha!) awards the game ball to the player who shows the best effort on the field.  Usually, since they are the coaches son's, our boys are the last to get the game ball.  However, Andrew had such an awesome game that he was given the big honor mid-season!  He was EXTREMELY excited, to say the least.  I unfortunately had to miss the game because Joey was still down with the swimmer's ear.  Damn swimmer's ear!  It just keeps coming back to bite me in the ass!

This week has been a wild one!  We've has some crazy weather.  Lot's of thunderstorms that like to hit at 3 am.  They wake me up, Chris up and of course the boys end up sleeping in our room.  Since the storms make sleeping hard, we are sleeping in much later than I'd like.  I've missed most of my morning runs because of the crazy weather.  That and a nice little stomach bug I picked up.  Luckily it was short lived, but I gotta tell ya, I felt pretty cruddy on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. I'm back to normal now and enjoying a glass of wine to celebrate!  I haven't had a glass of wine since Sunday, so you KNOW I was sick!

Well, that's about all so far...oh wait.  I forgot about that damn swimmer's ear.  After seeing some nasty discharge from Joey's ear, I took him back to the doctor.  Actually a new doctor because I'm fed up with my pediatrician (but that's another story).  Anyway, Dr. Williams wants us to do another 7 days of drops in the ear and NO swimming until our ear recheck on June 27th.  Seriously?!?!?!? It's going to be SO HOT this weekend.  I have to say, I HATE this thing called swimmer's ear.  The only good thing is that I didn't splurge and get a membership to a pool this year and I still haven't been able to convince Chris to put a pool in our backyard.  What a waste that would have been.  I guess this is all a part of God's plan...but seriously, I could do without the swimmer's ear, and I'm sure Joey is done with it, too.  Here's to the rest of the summer and many adventures to come!

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