Thursday, April 21, 2011

I've been MIA...

Wow, it's been quite some time since I last posted! So much for my promise to stay on top of the blog. Well, I do have a good excuse for not keeping up with the blog, I promise I do! In October I went on a Christ Renews His Parish Renewal weekend at our church. While I didn't have a life changing experience from the weekend, I did feel Christ at work in my heart. After the retreat weekend, there is a 6 month formation process that the team continues on with. I was so unsure of my purpose at CRHP that I debated continuing with formation. But after receiving a CLEAR (I'll dedicate an entire post to that!) sign from God that I was to continue on with CRHP, I trusted Him and went on with formation.

The formation period consisted of weekly meetings every Wednesday night, for 6 months, followed by "giving" the next renewal weekend. Depending on the "role" you discerned, affected the amount of time spent planning and preparing for each of the meetings. The first couple of months of formation were not too busy, but once we discerned roles (more to come on that subject) my life went into warp speed. I've realized over the past few months that God truly is in control of my life and that I am here on this earth to do HIS work.
The role I discerned was that of Lay Director. I couldn't believe that He chose me to lead this group of women. Luckily, He gave me a phenomenal Spiritual Director to guide me and the entire team. I don't think I'd be sane right now if it weren't for Marianne Hicks!
Having such responsibility to lead these women in spiritual growth was life changing for me. While it didn't come with out challenges, I truly enjoyed every minute of it.

Leading in such a major capacity taught me so much. It taught me to be quiet and listen, to bite my tongue (hard for me to do!) and to stop being so selfish. I had to put the needs of CRHP and our group before my selfish desires like scrapbooking, reading and watching TV. Most importantly it taught me to "Fully Rely On God" or FROG. FROG was a common theme throughout our formation period. Thanks Sandra!
I had to learn to FROG every day, to pray before every word I spoke or email I sent. I was doing God's work, not my own, and needed Him to guide me every step of the way.

Well, he did and it was AMAZING! Witnessing the spiritual growth in the women of CRHP 13 was amazing. Add to that sharing the experience with the women of CRHP 14 on April 9&10, 2011 and I was literally blown away. I was blown away by the power of God's love, Forgiveness, mercy and acceptance.

So, the purpose of the post was to say I'm back, for now, that is until God calls me again. CRHP did teach me better time management, so hopefully I will be able to work on the blog at least once a week.

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