Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Easter!

He is Risen!  I hope that all of our family and friends had a very blessed Easter.  We did!  The Easter Bunny was REALLY good to the boys this year.  Along with candy and some Lego's, they got a basketball hoop!  Talk about an awesome gift!  We started off our morning with an egg hunt around the house.  For the first time ever, Joey found the coveted "Alleluia Egg."  The Alleluia egg is special because it has money in it.  The finder of the egg has to yell Alleluia upon finding it.  It is Catholic tradition that Alleluia not be said or sung throughout the 6 weeks of the Lenten season, so we have a special egg to represent the celebration of the Resurrection.  Andrew has found it the past 3 years, so it was exciting that Joey got it this year.

We went to a beautiful Easter Mass at 12:30.  After Mass we hosted Easter dinner at our home.  My in-laws came over and we had yummy pork steaks!  Finally, it quit raining long enough for the boys to shoot some hoops on their new hoop!

Presents and money from Grandma and Grandpa in Colorado

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