Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm published!

Most of you who read this already know that I started writing a column for O'Fallon Patch. What is Well, Patch is an online news site that is dedicated to bringing the local news right to you. And by local, I mean really local. The editors at work their tails off staying up to date and current with what is happening in your town. I first heard about Patch over the summer when our cousin, Brian Feldt, accepted the job as the Patch editor in Bolingbrook, IL. Then a few months later, my dear friend Alyssa Stahr became the Pacth editor for Oakville, MO.

So, when I received a phone call from the O'Fallon Patch editor, Jordan Lanham, I jumped at the opportunity to write a mom column. I've always been the type of mom who will "tell you like it is" so the title of my column is "Real Mom from O'Fallon." I will try to "keep it real" all the time, especially since there seems to be some unwritten rule that as mothers we are supposed to have it all together, all the time. I'm not sure who came up with that, but seriously, NO ONE has it all together all the time! We all yell at our kids, we all forget the lunch, library book or snack from time to time, and we all certainly have moments when we question why we became mothers in the first place. But then, one of our precious children will smile at us, hug us or just say "I love you Mommy" and we remember exactly why we had kids.

My goal with the column is to break down the mommy barriers. Whether you work at home, outside the home, married, divorced, single...the column is for you. I want to dispel the myth of the mommy competition and show a more vulnerable side to myself and to being a mom in general. What is that old saying, We may not have it all together, but together we have it all. Fellow Moms, it's time to unite! All for One and One For All!!!

Look for my column every Wednesday, and while you over at O'Fallon Patch be sure to register and leave a comment. I encourage your feedback. And if you have an idea for a column, let me know, I'd love to hear from you, Lastly, if you are looking for info on your community, check out Patch .com and see if Patch is your neighborhood.

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  1. Well written, sista. No, we do NOT always have it together... but wine helps! :) Looking forward to reading these going forward! - KateB