Thursday, April 1, 2010

Love Does Come in Small Packages!

Upon returning from an afternoon of running errands, the boys noticed a package at the front door. "IT'S AN EASTER PRESENT FROM GRANDMA!!!!!" That is meant to be in caps because the boys were literally yelling it. Then began the mad dash out of the car and up to the porch to get the package. "It's heavy!" says Andrew, who made it to the porch first. Once inside the boys started to assess the box and make guesses to what was inside. Andrew made first dibbs on the sparkly stickers that decorated the box. He wants to add them to his collection. Andrew collects everything, but stickers, rocks and money top his list. More on that later... Once I was able to cut thru the 10 layers of packaging tape, we discovered 3 presents. One for Joey, another for Andrew and even one for Chris and me! The boys each got awesome clothes and chocolate bunnies. Joey immediately started trying on the clothes. Of course, he loved the outfit. Andrew started looking at his outfit and said, "Mom, it's a size 6. Just my size. How does Grandma know my size, she lives all the way in Colorado!?" Well, the easy answer would be, duh, I told her your size. But I didn't! See, that's one of the benefits of having a 9 year old sister. It hasn't been that long since my mom had to buy clothes for a young kid, so she always knows the right size to get. It works out great, because I never have to return stuff! Plus, Mom always knows what is in style, so they usually get something pretty cool. Today they got Addidas warm-ups, and for 2 boys who play soccer, they are "SO COOL!"

Just in case you are wondering what was in my package, Chris and I got a beautiful ceramic Easter salt, pepper and bowl set. As well as a Magnolia scented candle that is currently burning in my kitchen. Thanks Mom~ we love our Easter "baskets!"

Once we got done enjoying the excitement of our little package of love from Colorado, we had another little package of love in the mailbox from my Grandpa and Grandma Bruckmeier, Joey and Andrew's Great-Grandparents. They sent the boys cards and money, which as mentioned earlier is another of Andrew's most collected items. While Joey likes to save, Andrew likes to spend. He is already deciding what he is going to buy with his money. I told him that if he spends the money he won't have it for his collection anymore. It didn't seem to phase him, but I wasn't surprised! The excitement just never ends around here! As Andrew said "We sure are lucky to have people send us presents and money." I don't think I could say it any better myself.

Thank You so much everyone, your thoughtfulness brightened our day and made us feel special and loved. Happy Easter!

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