Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's Almost Race Day!

I can't believe it, the Go! St. Louis 1/2 Marathon is only 11 days away. I started training for this race back in November and I remember thinking that April 11th seemed like this date that didn't even really exist. Well, it's almost here. This training has been like a roller coaster ride to say the least. I started out barely being able to run an entire mile without stopping to walk. Now, I can run continuously for 9 miles without stopping to walk. I've taken my pace from 11 minute miles to 9:35 minute/miles. Those are some of the high points. The low points are my injuries. I've struggled off and on with shin splints throughout the entire training. First it was my right leg. Now that I am almost healed on my right leg, my left leg has decided to act up. The pain in my left leg is pretty severe right now. It's definitely testing my patience and strength. Since I'm a first time 1/2 marathon runner, I am very fearful of missing a run. I'm worried that I won't have what it takes to make it all 13.1 miles next Sunday. So, having to rest right now is down right depressing. I'm not the only one dealing with injuries, which does make me feel a little better. Misery loves company, right? My friends Carrie and Candace are both dealing with knee and foot problems, respectively. The kicker of this is, we were all in pretty good shape before starting the training. I honestly thought that this would be difficult, but I never thought I'd deal with so much injury along the way. It's been great however, and I am so glad that I did decide to take on this challenge. I've learned to overcome weakness and pain, and those are life lessons that are valuable beyond words.

So, I must keep my eyes on the prize. While I haven't set out to break any world records at this race, I have set some goals for myself.

1. Finish the Race! (Most Important Goal!)
2. Have fun.
3. Enjoy the moment for what it is worth. Who knows, this could be the only 1/2 marathon I ever run (doubtful, but I need to see if my body can recover from this first!)


  1. you will do sooo great! injury is just a part of the test!!!! and don't worry about taking any "down time" off of running.... its actually better for you! you don't want to get burnt out. i didn't run AT ALL the week before my full marathon and i kept thinking "i'm not gonna finish cause i didnt train hard enough, etc." and i did it. just believe that you can do it! it will be over before you know it! :)

  2. You will do great. We all learn along the way how to handle the stresses of training! The race, whether a full or half, is a beast unto itself. Very little you do in your training will actually replicate what race day is like. The energy and the adrenaline will push you on through. No doubt in my mind you will finish! Maybe I'll see you along the way!